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1-   High Dam control room.

2-   Swimming Pool in Air Forces chairmanship.

3-   Celebration hall in Air forces house.

4-   Cinema building in Air forces house.

5-   Hilton Sharm Dream just watches.

6-   Hilton El Noor.


7-   Hilton waterfalls Sharm.

8-   Hilton Dream land.

9-   Dream Land Amusement Park.

10- Hurghada Approy.

11- Ritz Carleton village – Sharm El- Sheikh .

12- Bahgat Stores Gallary.

13- 10th of Ramadan univirisity.

14- VIP Building in cairo Air port.

15-   Expansion of World Health organization Building.

16-      Plans Air strip in Balayem Petroleum Company.

17-      The National project for improving Egyptian rail way stations.

18-      30th June Hotel in 5th Assembly.

19-      The Middle East News Agency.

20-      Administrative building for Mahony company.

21-      Administrative building for Trafco Tourism company.

22-      B148 Building in smart village.

23-      A lot of Show rooms in free market in Cairo, Hurgada , and Sharm El Sheikh Air Ports.

24-    Maspeiro News studio.

25-    Water Games village in Hilton Sharm Dream (Kilo Park)

26-    Administrative building for Ama you year net company.

27-    Rotana sharm el sheikh swimming pool.

28-    Sheraton dream land.

29-    Dream land cinemas.

30-    Expansion in Sun rise hotel in Hurghada.

31-    Hilton Taba Hotel.

32-    Lecture Hall in College of pharmacy Ain Shams University.

33-    Academic Hospital In El-Abbaseya.

34-    Meeting Room in intercontinental city stares Hotel.

35-    Guard Land village ( Marsa Allam)

36-    Suez in sharm hotel.

37-    Mirage Marriot hotel.

38-    Arts Complex.

39-    El Kattameya Dunes village.

40-   Leak Viwo Hotel

41-   Sofital El Maady

42 -  Citystars Cinema

43-   Realway Stations

44-   Melano Factory El Mansora

45-  Damask Cloth Gallery

46-  Komash Cloth Gallery 

47-  Al Ahram Scan Center

48-  El Galaa Complex 

49-  National Planning Institute 

50-   Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University

51-  Faculty of Dentistry, Ain Shams University

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